New York, USA

Order a taxi in one click.

Car transportation startup from the USA.

First Contact

CEO of the ZabCab has contacted us while the product was still in the development phase. He had a team, but the project itself had a lot of stability issues. We took a responsibility of bringing this product to market, while management team could work on the business side .

Our offer

We offered joining his team, review the code and analyse what can we do to meet the deadlines.


Our 4 developers joined both Android and iOS teams. We introduced good practices on multiple levels:
– project management: professional toolset for communication and project management, introduced scrum framework, testing
– development: modernise old code structure and introduce Model View Presenter architecture, code structure, new features development
– product design: strongly engaged in product design along with management team


ZabCab was successfully released without any issues. First release was a soft-launch in Burlington, USA. After testing the idea, and getting investment for major release, it was deployed on a larger scale in Miami, Florida, USA.

Martin Heikel

ZabLab, CEO

„Wonderful team, very engaged, saved us in hard time”