What is needed for publishing app in the App Store for iPhones?

In order to upload an app to the App Store, you need to upload certain assets: icons, screenshots, video files. In this article, we are summarizing what is needed in this area. It might be handy for all designers who help you build great iOS apps!

Screenshots and App Previews

You use screenshots and app previews to visually communicate your app’s user experience through images or a short video captured from your app that will display on your App Store product page. You must upload at least one screenshot of your app, and uploading an app preview is optional.

For iPhone, screenshots for 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max and 5.5-inch devices (iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus) are required. These screenshots will scale down for smaller device sizes.

For iPad, screenshots for 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation) and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) are required. These screenshots will scale down for smaller device sizes.

App previews, which are short movies that can show your app, will scale down in the same way.

App Store icon

You must provide an App Store icon, which is used to represent your app in different sections of the App Store.

An icon must be a PNG with 1024 px by 1024 px size. It can not have an alpha layer. Also, keep in mind that you should not do the famous iOS corner rounding yourself – App Store will take care of it!

Set a price for your app & select territories for your app

Before you submit your app for review, you must set a price for your app, which will be used for all App Store territories. If you don’t have a Paid Applications agreement, you can only choose a free price.

You can also select the territories where you want your app to be available on the App Store. By default, all territories are selected, but you can deselect territories where you don’t want your app for sale. The App Store in the new or changed territories updates within 24 hours.

App promotional text, description and keywords

When it comes to written text you have, in fact, three fields you should really focus on app promotional text, which is 255 characters, description, which is up to 4000 characters, and keywords – comma-separated list of words that relate to your app, up to 100 chars. 

Essentially, you have 255 characters to pitch your app to potential users in the Apple App Store. This is the number of text users will automatically see on your description page before they have to click through for an extended description. While the maximum word limit Apple allows for the entire description is 4,000 characters (the same for Google Play Store), it’s important to hook prospects early on.

One other important thing to remember is to choose the right keywords, which will increase your chances of being discovered in the App Store. Keep in mind that the iTunes App Store search engine won’t scan the text in your app description. This means you’re left to work with the 100-character limit allotted in the keyword field.

Submit your app for review

There are just a few more steps required before you can upload your app for review. You need to answer a few questions, which include: 

  • Information if you are using an identifier for advertisement, and if so – for what purpose. 
  • Information if you are using encryption techniques, which might be a subject of US export laws.

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